St. Mary's Lutheran Church
part two
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Contact person: Ken Winkle ( April, 2007

1.  Sat., April 21 and Sunday, April 22 will be Care For Creation worship services with sermons, hymns and anthems, SS classes all coordinated with this theme.   This particular weekend we are also having a Mission Fair following each service.

2.  At the Mission Fair one booth will be on Care for Creations.

3.  The week preceding and the week following this weekend, I will be offering a class in-between our 8 and 10:30 services (I hope to involve some of the high school students who have an environment group at school).  In the fall we plan to show An Inconvenient Truth on a Sunday afternoon.  Perhaps the film on the electric car might be  good followup also.

4.  Several weeks ago I presented the Property Committee with a proposal to have our entire sanctuary lighting evaluated.  Some of the problems we know, but we are not familiar with the best solutions.  And, tonight I will be attending (invited) to talk about the lighting of the front part of the sanctuary.  

5.  We have just begun a new contract with a garbage and recycling firm; they will provide recycling containers in the office areas and the large meeting areas.  Currently, I bought a container for the music room and have hauled the stuff to go with my blue bags of bottles and cans.   A new and larger outside area for dumpsters and recycling bins will be built.

6.  Our church has not been a big user of styrofoam cups (although summers might have been a problem).  We use the regular coffee cups and run them through the dishwasher.  Some committees bring food and use plates and silverware to be reused. 

7.  While it is in the planning stage yet, our kitchen will soon be redone with new stoves, dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator.  So most of these should be much more energy efficient.  

8.  Our business manager and head maintenance person have already been using some of the Kranz products and will gradually try to use more products that are green.

9.  The business manager plans on having a paper shredding truck scheduled for the church and will invite church members to also bring in bags of things to be shredded (At a minimal fee).

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