St. Mary's Lutheran Church
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Contact person: Ken Winkle ( January, 2007

We will have a Care for Creation weekend this April with many groups coordinated in this effort. The sermons and music will focus on this event. It has not occurred, yet however, we want to youth to have a project and to have the educational events (adult and children) with some lessons on creation.

• We have been recycling all of the music room bottles and cans; however, starting in March, our church will have a new contract with a garbage firm to also handle recycling materials and we are redoing all of our outside garbage collection area to accommodate recycling. Each desk will have a small and large area of their wastepaper basket with
the small one for traditional garbage and the rest for recycling.

• The church just started to do a an overall examination of all of our sanctuary lighting (I assume that other parts of the church will follow later). Some effort has been made to shut off lights but I'm not sure the battle has been won yet.

• Our 2 large boilers are to be replaced by 4 smaller ones that can cycle in and out; the two large ones tend to run all of the time.

• Our ceiling fans are now on all of the time.

• It is possible (Not acted on yet) that a covenant form will be distributed.

• A monthly newsletter has a Care for Creation item every month (Alternative cleaning products, how to recycle batteries, etc.).

• Some of our cleaning supplies come from Kranz company. These are many small steps which will begin to add up gradually with some effect. Some of these have come from informing and some from pushing gently, but, in general, our business manager and head of maintenance have been very open to this approach. They will be the ones who keep much of this going.

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