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These materials are designed to train a small group of lay people and clergy to bring care for creation into the full life and mission of your congregation. You may use this manual in different ways, doing some or all of the processes and projects suggested here. For the program to work well, you may want to follow the steps and the principles recommended.

In brief, the following steps represent the procedures to become a Green Congregation.

  1. Gather a small group of people (2 to 8) to serve as a Green Team.

  1. Become familiar with the Green Congregation program.

  1. Inform/involve the pastor(s)/staff as to your interest and commitment.

  1. Approach the church governing board for authorization to proceed.

  1. Develop an Action Plan for the congregation in several or all of these areas:
    1. Worship
    2. Education
    3. Building and Grounds
    4. Discipleship at Home and Work
    5. Public Ministry

  1. Work with the appropriate committees/ individuals to carry out the Action Plan.

  1. Promote with members your identity as a congregation that cares for creation.

  1. Meet regularly (monthly) to follow the Action Plan and to develop new projects.

  1. Consider a congregation project to benefit the community/ city of location

  1. Find structural ways to assure the long term life and activities of the Green Team

  1. Apply to be recognized as a Green Congregation in the Green Congregation Program and adopt the Green Congregation Mission Statement.

In the following pages you will find many resources and suggestions for taking each of these steps. You may begin anywhere in the manual. Gravitate to what motivates you. However, we encourage you and members of your Green team to read the manual through one time and to do so every year or so in your work. Make it available to new Green Team members. Many more resources are available at Web of Creation.

  1. The Green Congregation Program (Summary)
  2. The Green Congregation Action Plan (Short Version)
  3. The Green Congregations: Task Descriptions
  4. Frequently Asked Questions









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