Caring for God's Creation:
Making the World Safe for Children

Earth Day Sunday
April 21, 2002

Earth Day Sunday Resources

  • Raising Children Toxic Free
  • Support the School Environmental Protection Act
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  • Earth Day Bulletin Insert [PDF] (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this file. Click here to download Acrobat Reader for free.)
  • The Biblical visions of a redeemed and restored creation often make special note of the security and well-being of children. Isaiah foresees a time when even the most vulnerable children, nursing babes and toddlers, play safely in the presence of the asp and the adder (Isaiah 11:8.) People will no longer labor in vain or bear children for calamity, but they and their descendants yet to come shall be blessed by the Lord (Isaiah 65:23.) Zechariah has a vision of a restored Jerusalem where old men and women sit on their porches and the city is full of boys and girls playing safely in the streets (Zechariah 8:5.)

    Each year Earth Day Sunday provides an opportunity to direct our attention to God's creation, our relationship to it and the responsibility God has given to us to tend and to keep it. This year, worship and study resources focus on children. Children are among God's most precious- and most vulnerable, gifts. They are the hope of the future, but theirs is a future threatened by environmental pollution. People of faith are called to work together to help safeguard children's health and their future. We can work together to help make Zechariah's dream a reality, where children play safely in their homes and schools, on their playgrounds, and even in our city streets.

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