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Questions and Answers about Science, Public Policy, and Faith

What is global warming and how does it relate to climate?

What do scientists know about global warming, its causes and effects?

What do scientists project about future warming and its effects?

Why has there been controversy about what is known and projected?

Why is global warming a religious issue?

What tasks does global warming present us as people of faith and as citizens?

What has happened about global warming in international diplomacy?

Can the Kyoto Protocol work if the developing countries don't participate?

What is happening in national policy and politics?

What are the alternatives to our present energy system?

Will complying with the Kyoto Protocol cost jobs and hurt the economy?

But the Kyoto targets are just a first step. Dealing with global warming will cost money and will change the way we live our lives. We should not expect it will be easy, and we must find ways to be sure the burdens of change do not fall primarily on the poor and those who are most directly affected.

The longer we wait to deal with global warming, the more harm will occur and the more will be the human and economic costs for our children and grandchildren. Faithfulness to God means that we must protect God's earth and God's people regardless of cost. "To whom much has been given, much will be required."

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