Wisconsin Interfaith Climate Change Campaign

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Coordinator: Dave Steffenson

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Who We Are

Wisconsin Environmental Decade, with a climate change emphasis.


Campaign Mission Statement: "We are people of many faiths gathered around a common commitment to protect and sustain Creation."

Campaign Vision Statement: "Move the care of Creation to the forefront of Wisconsin faith communities."

Ecumenical agencies in 22 states across the USA have formed coalitions of religious people from all faith communities to educate and advocate on the issue of global warming.

These interfaith campaigns are supported by grants to the National Religious Partnership for the Environment through the Eco-Justice Working Group of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, the Council on the Environment in Jewish Life, the US Catholic Conference, and the Evangelical Environmental Network.

In Wisconsin, the Campaign is being conducted by Wisconsin Interfaith IMPACT, a legislative advocacy and social education coalition of many faith groups.

Scientists tell us "global warming is real; the science is sound; and the effects are likely to be severe." We add "this is a religious issue!" We are called to care for all of God's children, especially the most vulnerable, and to protect and restore God's creation. Climate change is a threat to all people and all of creation.

In Wisconsin:
* There is an interfaith planning committee.
* There was a two-day "grasstops" training event on climate change, Aug. 23-24, 2000 with 90 faith leaders in attendance.
*There will be seven regional one-day training events around Wisconsin during 2001-02 on faith and climate change. Four have been held in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and LaCrosse. Three more will be held in the Stevens Point-Wausau area, Eau Claire, and Ashland in 2002.
* Various Religious Leader’s Statement have been issued.
* The Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light is a resource service to local congregations on energy efficiency measures they can take. We will promote alternative energy technologies and conservation.,
* There will be an ongoing interfaith climate change campaign.

The seven regional training events discuss questions such as:
* Is human-induced climate change a real threat?
* How will it affect our state and the rest of the world?
* What is the status of climate change in international, national and state politics?
* Why is climate change a religious issue?
* Will responding to climate change hurt the economy?

The campaign after the training events includes:
* Educating in congregations and judicatories;
* Enabling congregations to use less energy;
* Educating the public through the media;
* Organizing visits with elected officials, including US senators.


What is the Wisconsin Interfaith Climate Change Campaign?

We seek to educate members of religious congregations on the dangers of climate change, to help them find effective ways to meet those dangers, to take specific practical actions locally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to persuade elected officials to take bold action nationally and internationally.

Across a remarkably broad spectrum of faith groups and denominations, this Wisconsin effort joins with 21 other states to involve the American faith community in responding to the challenges of accelerated global climate change.

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