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We encourage you to be intentional about your commitment to care for earth. Do a room by room assessment of your home and figure out what choices you can make to walk more lightly on the earth. Look at the practices of lawn and garden care. Evaluate your purchases of goods and food. Get a manual that explains how to green your home. Make a list of commitments you plan to embrace in your home and at work. Post these commitments on the refrigerator or as reminders throughout the home. Get some daily devotional material that reminds you all the time why it is important to do these things. Find a group at your church or in your neighborhood to share your commitment and provide support. Take a course, read a book, consult others who have already begun the journey. Teach others in your family how to participate as earth-keepers. Together join the movement to participate in the great work of our generation—caring for all Earth community.

1. Theological Reflection: Why we try to live this way

2. Action Plan: Ideas on how to live this way

3. Checklist: keep track of your creation-care commitments


Try this Devotional to Guide and Encourage You:


Download a copy of LSTC's "Greening your Apartment" brochure
that is given to each incoming student.


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