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Earth Bible

Volume 3, Series 1
The Earth Story in Wisdom Traditions
Table of Contents

  • Foreward
    Desmond Tutu
  • Editorial Preface
    Norman Habel
  • Preface
    Jenny Wightman for the Sophia Commmunity
  • Abbreviations List
  • List of Contributors
  • Six Ecojustice Principles
  1. Where is the Voice of Earth in Wisdom Literature?
    Earth Bible Team
  2. Wisdom Literature and Ecofeminism
    Laura Hobgood-Oster
  3. Woman Wisdom's Way: Ecokinship
    Shirley Wurst
  4. Earth First: Inverse Cosmology in Job
    Norman Habel
  5. Job 12: Cosmic Devastation and Social Turmoil
    Alice Sinnott
  6. Who Cares? Reflections based on the 'story' of the Ostrich (Job 39.13-18)
    Izak Spangenberg
  7. Divine Creative Power and the Decentering of Creation: The Subtext of the Lord's Addresses to Job
    Dale Patrick
  8. Plumbing the Depths of Earth: Job 28 and Deep Ecology
    Katharine J. Dell
  9. 'Go Forth into the Fields': An Earth-centered reading of the Song of Songs
    Carol Fontaine
  10. Ecodelight in the Song of Songs
    Hendrik Viviers
  11. Ecclesiastes 3.16-22: An Ecojustice Reading with Parallels from African Wisdom
    Willie van Heerden
  12. God's Design: the Death of Creation? An Ecojustice Reading of Romans 8.18-30 in the Light of Wisdom 1-2
    Marie Turner
  13. Is the Wild Ox Willing to Serve You? Challenging the Mandate to Dominate
    Norman Habel

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