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Earth Bible

Volume 2, Series 1
The Earth Story in Genesis
Table of Contents

  • Foreward
    Desmond Tutu
  • Editorial Preface
    Norman Habel and Shirley Wurst
  • Preface
    L. Charles Birch
  • Abbreviations List
  • List of Contributors
  • Six Ecojustice Principles
  1. Introduction: Conversations with Gene Tucker & Other Writers
    Earth Bible Team
  2. Geophany: The Earth Story in Genesis One
    Norman Habel
  3. Rest for the Earth? Another Look at Genesis 2.1-3
    Howard Wallace
  4. Common Ground - Genesis 2-3 in Ecological Perspective
    Carol Newsom
  5. Earthing the Human in Genesis 1-3
    Mark Brett
  6. 'Lover Come Back to Me': Ground's Theme Song in Genesis 3?
    Shirley Wurst
  7. Alienation and Emancipation from the Earth: The Earth Story in Genesis 4
    Gunter Wittenberg
  8. An Ecojustice Study of Genesis 6.11-13
    Anne Gardner
  9. Mixed Blessing for Animals: The Contrasts of Genesis 9
    John Olley
  10. The Voice of the Earth: An Indigenous Reading of Genesis 9
    Wally Fejo
  11. The Earth Story as Told by the Tower of Babel Narrative
    Ellen van Wolde
  12. Chosen People in a Chosen Land: Theology and Ecology in the Story of Israel's Origins
    Gene McAfee
  13. The Priestly Promise of the Land: Genesis 17.8 in the Context of P
    Sue Boorer
  14. '...for out of the well the flocks were watered.' Stories of Wells in Genesis
    Laura Hobgood-Oster
  15. Forgotten Voices of Earth: The Blessing Subjects in Genesis 49
    Carole Fontaine

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