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The Earth Bible has been developed by a team of scholars from Adelaide, South Australia. In this significant new series, writers from around the world read the Bible from the perspective of justice for Earth. Ecojustice principles are used as guidelines as they ask questions of the text: Does a given text value or de-value Earth? Is the voice of Earth heard or suppressed? Are humans portrayed as 'rulers' over Earth or kin with Earth? Does Earth suffer unjustly?

The basic aims of the Earth Bible Project are to

  1. develop ecojustice principles appropriate to an earth hermeneutic for interpreting the Bible and for promoting justice and healing of Earth;
  2. publish these interpretations as contributions to the current debate on ecology, ecoethics and ecotheology;
  3. provide a responsible forum within which the suppressed voice of Earth may be heard and impulses for healing Earth may be generated.


The project explores text and tradition from the perspective of Earth, employing a set of ecojustice principles developed in consultation with ecologists, suspecting that the text and/or its interpreters may be anthropocentric and not geocentric, but searching to retrieve alternate traditions that hear the voice of Earth and value Earth as more than a human instrument.


Click here for a Progress Report on the Earth Bible Series.


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"As members of the earth community, we commit ourselves to joining with the earth community in its struggle for justice by listening to the cries of the whole earth community, and working with the earth community to repair the damage we have done to God's earth. We also commit ourselves to working with the whole earth community to nurture life, both sentient and non-sentient, and to developing ways of living that sustain all life." --from The Adelaide Declaration on Religion and the Environment, November 1997

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