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Care for Creation

Congregational Theme Months


By Nate Sutton


Recently, Christians have begun to recognize a growing need to care for creation.  Human activities in the last several centuries have increasingly degraded the earth’s ecosystems through excessive waste, pollution, depletion of natural resources, loss of species, and climate change.  Although these problems may seem overwhelming, Christian theology affirms that humankind shares its created-ness with all of God’s good creation, and we must exist in solidarity with the natural world.  We exercise dominion not to exploit, but to “till and keep,” or “cultivate and care for” creation.[1] We are tenants here, not owners.  After all, “The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it.”[2]

Our attentiveness to the global ecological crisis as well as our understanding of humankind’s special responsibility to care for creation call us to action.  Care for Creation Theme Months serve as opportunities for Christians in community to explore strategies for reducing our negative impact on the Earth as well as developing our relationships with each other and creation.  Theme Months are invitations to treat care for creation as a spiritual practice; a central component of our worship lives together.

These resources are intended to be used however a congregation sees fit.  Theme Months may be celebrated during calendar months or church seasons.  For example, Transportation Month may take place in May, when the weather is warm enough for walking or bicycling.  Alternatively, Water Month may take place during Lent, a traditional season of preparation for baptism in the church.  All Theme Month resources are free.  Thank you for your commitment to care for creation!

Transportation Month

Water Month


[1] Genesis 2:15.

[2] Psalm 24:1.


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