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Interested in the dynamics of sustainability. George Mason University has collected links to many sites to explore this important concept at the center of our environmental concerns. Check it out at this portal site:  http://masonweb.wm.edu/sustainability/


Here is one way to look at sustainability. Sustainability is the effort to live in such a way that Earth will be passed on to the next generations in ways that will enable stable and positive life-patterns to endure. Sustainablity is a complex issue. Nevertheless, speaking generally, it can be seen in simple terms. Sustainable living has often been compared to a three-legged stool. We would add a fourth leg in order to give the stool even more stability. In every action and project you undertake, ask yourself: What can we do and how can we do it so as to promote 1) ecological sustainability (Is it earth-friendly?); 2) economic sustainability (Does it support a just and equitably sharing of life’s resources); 3) social sustainability (Does it create and strengthen community?); and 4) spiritual sustainability (Does it deepen our faith relationships with and commitments to Earth?). These considerations will not only promote sustainability; they will also enable your efforts to have the greatest impact.


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