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Organizing a Green Team

Organize a Green Team for Your Congregation. Here are some guidelines for organizing and maintaining a Green Team in your congregation.

1. Identify and meet with like-minded folks who would like to work at greening your congregation. There are many ways to identify such folks: offer an earth-care program and invite those who attend to become involved with the team or simply set a time to meet and advertise in the bulletin/newsletter or spread the word and contact people personally.

2. When you meet, determine a name: Green Team/ EarthCare Committee/ Care for Creation Group. Study the Green Congregation Training Manual to clarify purpose and steps.

3. Understand that a green team is to function as leaven in the congregation by suggesting things to standing committees in the church: worship, fellowship, building and grounds, stewardship, etc.

4. Talk with the pastor(s) and tell them your commitment and learn their interest and concerns. Ask how they would like to be involved. Explain how the pastor could support your efforts.

5. Go to the church governing board to be authorized as a committee. Seek their ideas in making care for creation part of the full life and mission of the church. Discuss their concerns.

6. Develop an action plan in several areas: worship, education, building and grounds, fostering earth-friendly lifestyle among members, and public ministry to the larger community in which you are located. Plan how you will encourage other committees (with ideas and resources) to adopt these projects and follow through. Indicate your willingness to support them in their efforts. Consult the training manual for ideas in each area and forms for making an action plan.

7. Keep earth-care before the congregation through many media: personal contact, newsletter and bulletins, bulletin board, e-mails, announcements in church, and so on.

8. Keep the process going with regular meetings, accountability for follow-through, and development of new ideas.

9. Keep before you a rootedness in your religious tradition and the reasons you do this.

Consult the Green Congregation Training Manual for further ideas, strategies, and tips about how to proceed.


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