Check out these sermons connecting the good news of God and the care of God's creation.

Also, you can find great sermons in the book Earth & Word: Classic Sermons on Saving the Planet

Eating the Roots by Mike Anderson (Luther Place Memorial Church in Washington, D.C.)

The Choir of All Creation by Tanya Barnett

Living Simply: Imperative Now by Shantilal Bhagat

Caring for the Earth Rests in the Heart of God by Paul W.F. Harms

Nature, Community, and Faithful Living by Heidi Hadsell

Nature, God's Great Project by Philip Hefner

The Sacramental Paradigm of Nature by Philip Hefner

Techno-Earth and the Rainbow Covenant by Philip Hefner

Receiving God's Light for Earth's Energy by Carol Johnston

Matter Matters by Barbara Lundblad

Eschatopraxis: Living the Future Now by Jim Martin-Schramm

Making Our Lord's Supper by Morris Niedenthal

Costly Offerings by Katharine Preston

Where Were You When I Created Leviathan? by Carla Valentine Pryne

Pelicans, Great Blue Herons, and the Resurrection of the Body by Barbara Rossing

The Care of the Earth by Joseph Sittler

You Are My God . . . Lead Me To Level Ground! by Gordon Straw

A Sermon for Animal Day by Mark Swanson

Living Faithfully in the Cosmos: Environmental Reflections for Disciples of Christ by Dorothy Jean Weaver

Hands On: A Faith to Handle, Taste, and Touch by Dorothy Jean Weaver

Finding Our Place by Carolyn Bush (Genesis 2:4b-15, Job 12:7-10, and Matthew 25:31-46)

It Does Not Have to Be This Way! by Kurt K. Hendel

Climate Change - Vulnerability, Lament and Promise by Barbara Rossing

Resurrection and Wilderness by David Rhoads