Resources for finding a speaker to present on a topic, issue or action

  • Connect with members of your congregation who have a passion or connection with an environmental issue. Use those relationships and connections to find someone in your community.
  • Find someone from a local environmental, or parareligious organization. Some Chicagoland organizations
    • Faith In Place: An interfaith organization which seeks to engage religious congregations in the Chicago Region around issues of long term environmental sustainability
    • Seven Generations Ahead, is an organization seeking to build communities that care for the environment, meet the basic human needs of all citizens, and provide safe and healthy lives for our children and future generations.
    • Center for Neighborhood Technology A Chicago umbrella organization for a number of urban, ecological initiatives for car-sharing to economic development. a resource for many issues and speakers.
    • The Brookfield Zoo has a number of speakers, presentations and tours on conservation.
    • Chicago Recycling Coalition is a nonprofit organization working for effective recycling and waste reduction in Chicago through public education and advocacy. Their mission is "To promote recycling, source education, reuse and composting as environmentally and economically sensible solutions to Chicago's solid waste problem."ó It is a coalition of environmental groups, civic and community organizations and recycling service providers. CRC is funded through member contributions and private foundations. They can provide speakers on recycling, composting, source reduction or household hazardous waste for workshops for your congregation. Or call the Recycling Hotline at (773) 862-2370. They will also send you free publications: Recycling for apartment buildings; Recycling for small businesses; Recycling service providers; and Source Reduction.
  • For a thorough list of Chicago-area resources, look to Chicagoland Environmental Network on the web at
  • Invite a local farmer or someone from a local Community Supported Agriculture Farm. Some Chicago area farms. Look on the web for farmers, CSA's or farmers markets at or at

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