Care of the Earth
An Environmental Resource
Manual for Church Leaders

Table of Contents

Linda-Marie Delloff

David Rhoads

Mary Schramm

Part I: And God saw that it was Good: Exploring Green Theology

Healing the Protestant Mind: Beyond the Theology of Human Domination
H. Paul Santmire

Biblical Views of Nature: Foundations for an Environmental Ethic
Marcia Bunge

Thinking Like a Mountain: A Survey of Environmental Ethics
Martha Stortz

Creation Spirituality
Jay Rochelle

The Great Environmentalists: Cultural Stereotypes and the Environmental Movement
Gordon Straw

A Christian Perspective on Environmental Justice
Jim Schwab

Garbage Theology: Findings of a Garbologist-Theologian-Environmentalist
Jack Swanson

Part II: What then shall we do? Developing Awareness, Assessment and Advocacy for Environmental Action through the Congregation

Learning to Be Green

Educating for Awareness in the Congregation
Lib Caldwell

Outdoor Ministry Centers and Environmental Education
Mark D. Burkhardt

Worship in a Green Congregation
Creation and Celebration Connections
Jennifer Edinger

For what shall we pray? Care of the Earth and the Devotional Life
Jay Rochelle

Earthly Elements: The Sacraments as Celebrating Creation and Forming Vocation
Craig Mueller

Sermon: Caring for the Earth Rests in the Heart of God
Paul Harms
Assessments and Models for a Green Church

Green Lights to Green Zones
Job Ebenezer

Greening Your Green Zone
Steve Perkins

Advocacy and Care of the Earth

Global 2000 Revisited: What Shall We Do?
Gerald Barney, Jane Blewett, Kristen R. Barney

Advocacy for the Earth: Rural Context, Urban Connections
Shannon Jung

Who Speaks for the Owls, Trees and Human Needs: The Church and Environmental Advocacy
Mike Isensee

Stories of Action from the Grassroots

From the Barn to the 'Burb: Subscription Farming
Kathleen Kastilahn

The Power of Hope: Eco-Justice Ministry in Action
Donald Conroy

Developing the ZEST for Earth Care
Ruth E. Fisher, Kelley Donham and Connie Mutel

These pages are inserted in the printed manual between articles or on white space at the ends of articles; they are not included in the printed Table of Contents. We present them here for your enjoyment and education

Principles of Environmental Justice

The Ten Commandments of Environmental Responsibility
Alvin Pitcher

Greening the Landscape in Kansas City