The Green Congregation Program:
Task Descriptions for the Congregation

Initiating Group:

  • Takes Green Congregation plan to the council
  • Establishes the Green Team

Contact Person:

  • Green Team leader and congregational liaison to the Green Congregation Program

Church Council:

  • Authorize the Green Team to proceed and provides support
  • Approves the Green Congregation plan

Green Team:

  • Provides information to the entire congregation
  • Brings ideas and resources to the appropriate commitees/people for action
  • Follows through on action plans
  • Evaluates and assesses the results

Standing Committees of the Congregation:

  • Participates in suggesting projects for greening the congregation
  • Adopts plans, where feasible, recommended by the Green Team

Pastor(s) and/or Lay Professionals

  • Support the Green Team and the Green Congregation Program
  • Give general guidance to plans and programs
  • Carry out plans that relate to pastoral functions, such as worship and education

Office and Maintenance Personnel

  • Support the Green Team and the Green Congregation Program
  • Work with the Green Team to suggest and carry out green projects

Entire Congregation

  • Embrace the Green Congregation Program
  • Carry out plans and projects as appropriate at church, e.g. recycling
  • Embrace care for creation at home and work as well

The Green Congregation Program via Web of Creation

  • Provide training and consultation for the process
  • Provide resource materials