Congregational Covenant

Invite members of the congregation and the congregation itself to make a commitment to a life of caring for creation. Create a template with a list of commitments which fit into the greater vision of your congregational greening. Display this covenant visibly in your gathering space or printed in your newsletter or service folders. Let this vision of a covenant guide your ministry and choices of care for creation.

If you would like to incorporate the covenant into worship, try using the Litany for our Covenant with Creation.

Sample Covenant for individual members of the congregation:

As a membesr of this congregation I dedicate myself to the care and redemption of all that God has made. I agree, within this building and community and on my own, in partnership with others in this congregation to to the following acts of respect out of my kinship with all creation. (Please check all the specific ways you intend to fulfill this covenant.)

__ Aluminum Cans
__ Glass
__ Plastic
__ Paper Products
__ Avoid use of paper and plastic bags-by using canvas or cloth bags
__ Using ceramic or travel mugs instead of paper or styrofoam
__ Use the reverse side of paper for memos and notes
Conserve Energy:
__ Keep the temperature down
__ Turn off lights and other electrical items when not in use
Conserve Water
__ Turn off water when not using sink or shower
__ Limit use of water on lawn and car-washing
Consume Resources Wisely:
__ Eat intentionally and locally, lower on the food chain
__ Simplify lifestyle and purchasing habits
__ Use alternative means of transportation
Commune with Nature:
__ Spend more time intentionally outside
Political Advocacy
__ Stay aware and active in legislative efforts to protect the environment