Green Congregation Certification Program

The Green Congregation Certification Program (GCCP) seeks to encourage, guide, and recognize congregations that significantly engage in the process of incorporating care for creation into the life and programs of their congregation. Here are the steps to become certified.

Develop an Action Plan: Use the materials in the Green Congregation Training Manual to develop an action plan. A form is available there for this purpose. The plan will follow a model of action in five areas: Worship, Education, Building and Grounds, Discipleship at Home and Work, and Public Ministry. The plan invites you to choose one or more options from each area. When you have completed the planning process, submit a copy of the Action Plan with the letter of request.

Make a request: Submit a letter of request to become a candidate to be certified by the GCCP. This letter should be signed by a pastor/staff person, the chair of the governing board, and the Facilitator of the Green Team. The Facilitator of the Green Team will serve as contact person with the GCCP. Provide all contact information. The Action Plan is to be submitted with the letter of request.

Receive Certification: The GCCP will issue a certificate for display certifying that the congregation has qualified to be named a Green Congregation. Proceed to carry out the Action Plan

Adopt the Green Congregation Policy Statement: As an expression of your commitment to be a Green Congregation, request that the governing board and/or the whole congregation adopt the Green Congregation Policy Statement.

Maintain Status: In the early fall of each year, the Green Congregation will submit the GCCP a brief report of the actions of the previous year along with an Action Plan for the coming year. Employ the same forms used to develop the Action Plan as the means to report the results.

To request further information and to submit a letter of application for certification by the Green Congregation Certification Program, please send to David Rhoads, Director, Green Congregation Program, at Be sure to provide all contact information, including names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and mailing address.

The GCCP is in process of establishing levels of recognition in this program.

  1. “Seedling” = Entry Level: We are getting started.
  2. “Sapling” = Progress Level: We are getting in gear with many actions
  3. “Oak Tree” = Established: We’ve been in it for several years and achieved much
  4. “Sequoia” = Flagship Level: Our whole life and mission manifest eco-justice
More information will be available as we develop this program.