Muskego, WI
CreationCare Ministry

contact: Beverly Weber

Our Church Council President, Worship Chair, and I, the Kitchen-Fellowship Director, attended David Rhoads’ “Green Congregation” program in October, 2006. Since then, Atonement Lutheran in Muskego, WI, has established a “CreationCare Ministry” small group.

Washing Dishes, Coffee Grounds

Our first action taken was easy. We stopped using Styrofoam coffee cups, paper plates and paper juice cups during Sunday morning fellowship times. We already were equipped with dishes, silverware and reusable beverage pitchers. Commercial-grade reusable plastic cups were purchased. We have a dishwasher but had only used it for larger events. Now we use the dishwasher every Sunday to wash our own dishes and utensils, saving unnecessary landfill waste. Coffee grounds are returned to the earth through composting.

Mt. Meru Coffee Project monthly sales are well received, with Divine Chocolates being a hit with many.

Recycle containers
Recycle containers are in place in the main kitchen for glass, aluminum and plastics. A new stainless steel, covered trash container in the Fellowship Hall replaces the old nasty eyesore. Combined recycle bins for aluminum and plastics are placed in the Narthex and Fellowship Hall. As of Monday, April 16, 2007, recycle containers are in all the classrooms.

Communication Display Area
A small corner countertop in the Fellowship Hall is converted to a “Green Space,” a nook for CreationCare Ministry to be visible. The space includes:

  1. bulletin board, donated
  2. water fountain, on loan
  3. live green plants, donated
  4. a starter library of books purchased from a used bookstore including: Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth," “Green Congregation Training Manual, ” “The Environment Guide for Congregations”, “Stewardship of Creation: 30 Day Discipline” booklet.

Earth Day
Earth Day worship service, April 22, we are collecting Special Gift/Memorial donations to plant “Trees for Tomorrow” at our future church location after the new structure is built. We are raising energy awareness through the sale of energy-efficient mini-fluorescent light bulbs.

An Atonement CreationCare logo was developed to use alongside written articles and/or ecological tips we publish in Atonement’s monthly newsletter, “The Church Bell.” A banner is being designed to incorporate the logo. It will be handmade and sewn by another willing volunteer and her daughter with material scraps.


  • Atonement is planning its third Blessing of the (pets) Animals Service outdoors on Sunday, July 29, 2007, at 10 am.
  • A date and time for the showing and discussion of the video, “An Inconvenient Truth,” has yet to be confirmed.
  • Thanksgiving Harvest display and fellowship in November.
  • Adult forums on Care for Creation.

Possible partnership with neighboring Bethel Lutheran Church, ELCA, working together toward a green community.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly A Weber, Chr.
CreationCare Ministry
Atonement Lutheran Church, Muskego, WI

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