Earth Bible

Volume 5, Series 1
The Earth Story in the New Testament
Table of Contents

  1. Ecojustice Principles: Reflections and Challenges
    Earth Bible Team
  2. Matthew 6.25-34: Human Anxiety and the Natural World
    Adrian Leske
  3. Good news - for the Earth? Reflections on Mark 1.1-15
    William Loader
  4. When is the end not The End? The Fate of Earth in biblical eschatology (Mark 13)
    Keith Dyer
  5. Swords into Ploughshares: The End of War? (Q/Luke 9.26)
    Alan Cadwallader
  6. Storing up death, storing up life: and Earth Story in Luke 12.13-24
    Anne Elvey
  7. An Ecojustice Challenge: Is Earth Devalued in John 1?
    Norman Habel
    Responses: Vicky Balabanski, Michael Trainor, Elaine Wainwright
  8. Reconnecting with the Waters: John 9.1-11
    Oyerenke Olajubu
  9. Footstool or Throne? 'Earth' (ge) in Acts 7
    Michael Trainor
  10. The Cosmic Christ and Ecojustice in the New Cosmos (Ephesians 1)
    Elmer Flor
  11. The Earth as Host or Stranger: Reading Hebrews 11 from Diasporan Experience
    Alan Cadwallader
  12. There's a New World Coming! Reading the Apocalypse in the Shadow of the Canadian Rockies
    Harry O. Maier
  13. Alas for Earth!: Lament and Resistance in Revelation 12
    Barbara Rossing

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